Modern, State-Of-The-Art Facilities

We are proud of our clean, well maintained, and secure state-of-the-art facilities which are always located on major highways in convenient, highly visible retail shopping areas.

Wide Paved Driveways With Drive-to-your-Door Access

Extra-Wide, Paved Driveways With Drive-To-Your-Door Access – Perfect for Big Truck and Commercial Deliveries. You will love our wide asphalt driveways and entrances for easy maneuvering of trucks or trailers and nothing beats the convenience of driving right to the door of your storage unit to unload.

Month to Month Rentals with No Deposit Required

Come in today and rent your space on a month to month basis with NO DEPOSIT required. You are not locked into ANY long term contract! You can leave at any time! Perfect for new home or office construction without varying deadlines! Need a little extra space after Christmas? Need a place to store an entire estate? For Spring Cleaning? Staging a Home for Sale? Or do you just have too much stuff?

Camera Surveillance

All of our stores are state-of-the-art storage facilities. A video surveillance system monitors the facility, and access to the grounds is limited to authorized people only by a computer controlled gate system. All activity on the property and all traffic through the gate is monitored and recorded for your security. We are determined when it come to the safety of your storage space on our properties. We even have nearly every isle and most hallways monitored by cameras.

24 Hour Access Through Our Computer Controlled Gate System

Not sure when you will arrive? Not sure what you’ll need or when? Do you need to make drops at all hours of the day or night? Access your space 24/7/365. We can also track all activity on the property and all traffic through the gate is monitored and recorded for your security – this is great for businesses that need to set up multiple employees and be able to track their access to the storage space. We are determined when it come to the safety of your storage space on our properties. We even have nearly every isle and most hallways monitored by cameras. Our Computer Controlled Gate System limits access to the grounds to authorized people only to keep your items safe and secure.

Free Professional Pest Control

Included as a FREE service is our daily pest control policies and standards. Every new unit is swept, baited for vermin, sprayed for insects and secured just for you! Our goal is give you a space that is cleaner than even your own home!

Many Sizes To Choose From

We have a variety sizes so there’s one just right for you. Click here to see our sizes. Not all sizes available at each location.

Personal, Household & Commercial Storage

Personal Household Storage – We specialize in serving residential customers. Our stores are always near where you work, live and play. Our job is to be there for you when you need us with EVERYTHING that you could need for your moving or storage experience. This is why we offer ALL the features we do and why we go to such great lengths to make your storage experience the best it can be. We want to be your first, last and only storage choice and we want you to tell everyone about your great experience! (referral coupon link – underlined area)

Commercial Storage – Let us be your warehouse! We are your low cost alternative to expensive commercial, retail, or office space for storing inventory, records, files, or equipment. We are a perfect compliment to your business. You can access your space 24/7. Your inventory or records are secured from anything at your office – great for active or retired doctors, lawyers or other professionals that are required to keep records.

Friendly Professional Live On-Site Managers

When you need a storage unit, the last thing you have time for is to try and run the owner down or play phone tag because they run it as a secondary business; with no on-site personnel. Storage is our primary and only business. Therefore, our facilities have an office with a Full Time On-Site Live On-Site Manager on the premises whose only job is to service you!

Our Live On-Site Managers can see nearly the entire property from their window which allows them to watch traffic flows, monitor customer activity and respond to a variety of situations. They are able to respond quickly, effectively and professional to all emergencies and issues on the property with a speed that can not be matched by non-Live On-Site locations.

They keep the entire location clean, neat and secure for you! They will give you a fully tour of the property on the locations golf cart and show you all the security and convenience features that we building into every one of our stores. They will professionally assist you in selecting the size and type that is just right for your needs.

Deliveries accepted at NO extra charge – Commercial and Residential

Are you having your household or commercial inventory shipped from overseas or across the country? Will you not be available to accept the delivery? We will facilitate and accept these shipments at no additional charge. (must be during business hours – services do not include any actual moving activities, only the facilitation of such activities – services are not intended to assume any liability or responsibility for the goods being delivered, all such liability or responsibly will remain with shipping agent)

Single Story Location (NO Elevators)

All of our stores are single story and design to get you right to you door. Most units can be backed up to by most vehicles currently in use. Even our interior units generally have a maximum distance of 50 feet from vehicle to space.

Speaker Systems and Call Boxes

Some properties have multiple call boxes throughout the property to allow you to speak with a manager without going to the office. We have also wired most of our locations for sound, both outside and inside. With this system, we can communicate with our customers and play music 24/7. Again, our goal is the make your storage experience as pleasant as possible.

Fully Fenced

Every Store is fully fenced or secured. We do not believe in the old “it’s a safe location” attitude. We take every measure to keep people our and your storage space secure!

Most of our locations are built in a “Fortress Style.” Just like medieval castles, our properties are completely enclosed by 15 to 20 foot high walls with towers all over the property. Even the managers house is higher than anything else on the property; allowing them to survey their entire “kingdom” at a glance from their window. We even have a couple locations with moats all around!

Fully Lighted

Every property we manage is completely lighted at all times. Whether your schedule has you moving in at noon or midnight, you will ALWAYS be able to see what you are doing and see what is going on around you. Most of our isles have dozens of lights that shine directly on your goods. These lights are specially designed not to cast off light into the community around our store and yet provide a well lit, secure area for our customers.

Free up office for actual work – put your space back to work for you!

Our locations are close to your store and easy to access, day or night. Whether it be a quick trip during the day, a large delivery, or a major pickup – we’re right around the corner.

Multiple keys and access codes allow us to track who enters the property.

In a bad location? Worried about theft? Not enough space? Secure high value or important goods away from your store front – no one knows you have the storage!

Electricity in Your Unit! Call today for details (only available at select locations)

Great for Bands! Excellent for business that need late night access or additional lighting. Great for charging tools overnight or keeping RV’s going while parked. Call the location nearest you for details! (link to locations page)

Long Term Parking for Vehicles – Both Indoor and Outdoor

Do you need somewhere safe to store your auto, boat, RV, or camper? At ABSCO Self Storage we have indoor and outdoor storage options available. It does not matter for how short or how long a period of time you need it, we’ve got it. Covered, Uncovered, Indoor, Outdoor, Grass, Pavement, Concrete Parking Areas – you name it, we offer it!